Crime Dinner | Hugo & Notte | 5 and 14.12.2023 | 16.01.2024
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Crime dinner - Tension in the dark season

on 5. and 14.12.2023 and on 16.01.2024

excl. VAT

Experience an unforgettable crime dinner on Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt in the renowned Hugo & Notte!

Immerse yourself in a world full of secrets, intrigues and thrills - all in one of Berlin’s most exclusive restaurants. Our Hugo & Notte invites you to a breathtaking crime dinner on the famous Gendarmenmarkt.
Our early bird price of 89,- € plus VAT is valid until 15.10.2023, after that the price of 94,- € plus VAT applies.


Gedeckte Tische in einem beleuchteten Saal.

Your crime dinner at a glance

  • Venue location Casalis Hall at Französischer Dom
  • Crime buffet: consisting of starters, main courses and desserts
  • Selection of alcoholic and soft drinks (beverage package for 3 hours)
  • Tables and chairs according to the number of people, festively set
  • atmospheric LED lighting
  • attentive service staff

Soups / appetizers

Main dish


Additives included
1) with preservative, 2) with dye, 3) with antioxidant, 4) with sweetener, 5) with phosphate, 6) sulphurated, 7) quinine, 8) caffeinated, 9) with flavor enhancer, 10) blackened, 11) waxed
Contained allergens
A) Nuts (nuts), B) Mustard and mustard products, C) Sesame seeds, D) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites, E) Eggs and egg products, F) Fish and fish products, G) Contains gluten, H) Celery and celery products, K) Crustaceans, L) Milk and milk products (lactose), N) Peanuts and peanut products, P) Lupines, S) Soy and soy products, W) Molluscs (snails, mussels, squid, oysters)

This is what awaits you at our crime dinner:

1.    Exciting ambience: In the historic walls of our French Cathedral you will experience a unique atmosphere that takes you directly into the time of the investigation and mysterious crimes. The stylish furnishings and refined design create the ideal setting for an unforgettable evening.
2.    Actors with passion: Our actresses and actors take you into the fascinating world of criminology. With their captivating performances, they blur the boundaries between fiction and reality and take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
3.    Culinary indulgence: While you puzzle along and solve the case, we will spoil you with a delicious menu created by our chefs with great attention to detail. Enjoy culinary delights and fine wines that will delight your palate.


4.    Interactive experience: At our crime dinner you are not only passive spectators, but active participants. Take on the role of a detective, collect clues and discover the truth behind the mysterious events.
5.    Unique memories: Together with your friends, family or colleagues, you will experience an evening that will be remembered for a long time. Laughter, riddles and cheering together create special moments.

Why crime dinner at Hugo & Notte?

Our restaurant Hugo & Notte stands for first-class service, highest quality and an incomparable ambience. As a renowned restaurant on the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, we have made a name for ourselves for excellent hospitality and culinary creativity.
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