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A day in venue management

Organizational talent meets variety


Hello, my name is Anna and I work as a venue manager at BESONDERE ORTE. Would you like to find out more about how our venue management works? I've put together the different tasks and calculated how much time I spend on each activity:

  • I devote 30% of my time to communicating with customers.
  • 20% is spent on internal communication and exchanges with service providers.
  • I spend 40% of my time planning and organizing venues.
  • In addition, I invest 10% of my time in projects alongside my daily tasks.
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Contact with our customers

In my job, I work with many different people. The contact with our customers ranges from the preparation of a quote to the final contract for an venue. In between, there is usually a tour of our premises. The final details are usually discussed in the weeks immediately before the venue. My favorite moment is the feedback after a successful venue.

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Organize venues

What is the key to a perfect venue? Particularly good organization, of course. I coordinate the individual trades, always including venue technology and catering. Depending on the venue, there are specific requirements such as printing a stage backdrop, unusual decorations or staff for check-in. Every venue is different, which makes my work very varied.

Eine Frau berät eine andere Frau, während sie an einer Theke stehen

Communication internally and with service providers

At BESONDERE ORTE, we provide many services for our customers ourselves. This means that I liaise with colleagues from the other teams for venue technology, coffee breaks and snacks. We also have regular catering partners from whom I order lunch and evening catering for our guests. Whether internal or external partners: We discuss the customer's wishes and the venue processes.

Eine Frau berät eine andere Frau, während sie an einem Esstisch sitzen

Projects alongside daily business

In my team, everyone has their own projects in addition to supervising venues. Depending on what you are good at, where you have previous knowledge or where you would like to expand your knowledge, you can implement projects. I worked in service at BESONDERE ORTE before my apprenticeship. I am therefore familiar with the processes there and am also the contact person for celebrations in our Hugo & Notte restaurant.


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