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View into the foyer of the Umweltforum with stairs and elevator



Verified accessibility

We are certified according to the Germany-wide "Reisen für Alle" labeling system. As part of the audit, our locations are also described in detail in terms of accessibility.

Experience events without obstacles!
So that our guests enjoy their stay at BESONDERE ORTE, it is possible to find out what the locations have to offer. For example, whether a parking space is available for people with disabilities or whether all rooms are accessible without steps. The dimensions of elevators, washbasins and passageways are also listed in detail. 

Blick in das Foyer des Tagungswerk mit Rollstuhlaufgang

Accessibility at Tagungswerk

  • Parking space for people with disabilities
  • Building accessible without steps
  • All rooms and facilities usable by guests are accessible without steps, via ramps or via an elevator
  • 90 cm minimum width of all passages/doors
  • WC for people with disabilities
  • Assistance dogs welcome
Foyer des Umweltforum mit Fahrstuhl und Treppe

Accessibility at Umweltforum

  • Stepless access to the building
  • All rooms and facilities usable by the guest are accessible without steps or with an elevator
  • All doors/passages that can be used by guests and are raised are at least 90 cm wide
  • WC for people with disabilities
  • Events can be planned individually according to the needs of the participants
Seminarraum in der Neuen Mälzerei mit Stühlen und Tischen

Accessibility at Neue Mälzerei and Malzküche

For events in Neue Mälzerei, the infrastructure of Malzküche, such as the WC, can be used.

  • Stepless access to the building
  • Rooms and facilities accessible without steps or by elevator
  • Doors/passages are at least 90 cm wide
  • WC for people with disabilities, accessible from the side with a wheelchair (in Malzküche)
  • Folding grab rails at the WC
  • Tables in Malzküche that can be accessed by wheelchairs
  • Assistance dogs welcome
Großer Saal der FFK mit Stühlen

Accessibility at Französischer Dom

  • Step-free access to the building via elevator (available for public events).
  • The elevator leads to the event rooms - not to the viewing platform!
  • Minimum width of all passages: 80 cm
  • WC for people with disabilities


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