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    Our company concept is centred around sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices

    All of our core processes are socially and environmentally sustainable

Certified as envrionmentally sustainable through EMAS

EMAS = European eco-management and audit scheme. EMAS has the highest standard for sustainable environmental management worldwide. In 2012, the Besondere Orte venues Umweltforum, Neue Mälzerei and Tagungswerk were the first event venues in Germany to be awarded EMAS certification. In 2014 Haus Zwingli was also granted EMAS certification. We have introduced a system of management that ensures consistent focus on the improvement of quality and environmental performance. As EMAS certification requires, we are regularly inspected by independent auditors.

German Sustainability Code

With a statement of compliance to the German Sustainability Code, we publically stand by our commitment to sustainability and strengthen our position as leading light in the event industry in Germany. The Sustainability Code was initiated by an advisory body of the German government and requires participating companies to maintain and report on their levels of sustainability. We are the first event company in Germany to join the GSC.

We have been using 100% renewable energy since 2002

For over 10 years now, we have drawn all of our electricity from renewable energy sources. With photovoltaic systems (solar energy to direct current electricity) and combined heat and power units (CHP) in both Umweltforum and Tagungswerk we are actually producing energy. The energy that we don't use ourselves gets fed into the electricity grid as "eco-electricity".

We participate in "fairpflichtet" - the sustainability code of the German-speaking event industry

By signing the industry code "fairpflichtet", we oblige ourselves to adhere to 10 guiding principles of sustainability. This means, for example, that sustainability is integrated in our strategic management as well as constantly involving our employees, business partners and clients in a continuous process of improvement.

100% organic drinks and tea & coffee breaks

All the drinks served at events in the BESONDERE ORTE venues are organically produced and our tea and coffee are additionally fair-trade. We have maintained this policy right from the beginning with our first event in 2002. Since 2012 we have been able to ensure that all of the snacks we serve such as fruit, biscuits, cakes and pastries are also made from 100% organically-grown ingredients.

You can choose from a variety of snack-break packages and tea-break packages for your event.

Criteria and indicator model

In a project with the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) we have introduced specific criteria and an indicator model for the assessment of sustainability (KIM). KIM measures the sustainability performance of a company according to aspects of ecology, economy, social engagement and governance measured by performance indicators and a questionnaire for co-workers. On the basis of KIM, we were able to measure our sustainability performance and introduce change projects such as a suggestion scheme for our co-workers. In future we will continue to use KIM as a strategic instrument for the consistent improvement of our sustainability performance.

Event-ticket from Deutsche Bahn

Reduce your travel costs and do something for the environment at the same time: with the event-ticket from Deutsche Bahn (German rail), participants of an event with BESONDEREN ORTE can travel accross Germany, to and from their event starting from 49.50 EUR per trip. This also means you can influence the total emissions of an event at the same time. Travel can account for up to 80% of the CO2 emissions caused by an event.

Company policy developed by co-workers

Our company policy was developed cooperatively between management and co-workers. We continually involve our co-workers in the active development of the company. All decisions made are therefore fully transparent and comprehensible for all involved. Our company concept details that all of our processes are oriented towards sustainability. With a cooperative model of management we are able to enjoy a productive and appreciative working environment, as well as a goal and result-oriented work ethic.

Getting around with train, bus and bicycle

To get to and from work most of our co-workers use bicycles or public transport. In 2015, 67 % of all our journeys to and from work were travelled this way. For the daily trips between venues, we provide two low-emission vehicles and two bicycles, one of which is a Pedelec (electrically-assisted bicycle). For company travel, we use the train.

Environmental technology in our venues

In 2000, BESONDERE ORTE began with the extensive renovation of the Umweltforum according to ecological standards and equipped with environmental technology such as a photovoltaic system, a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and loam rendered walls. The green roof at the Umweltforum is home to 10 of our very own beehives. Following the lead of the Umweltforum, in 2006 we also installed a photovoltaic system, a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and a green roof in our Tagungswerk venue. In addition, the roof and all of the building's windows have been successively refurbished. With these measures, we not only save on energy costs, we also actively contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Sustainable acquisition of goods and services

The right approach to the acquisition of goods and services is crucial for maintaining the quality and profitability of our work. Our self-developed guidelines for sustainable acquisition not only take economic criteria into account -- ecological and sociological factors are also accounted for. Part of this is our adherence to International Labour Organization guidelines and Fair Trade standards. With the help of a sustainability questionnaire that we developed in 2012, we have systematically questioned our main suppliers about their sustainability practices.

We separate and recycle all of our rubbish

All of our rubbish is separated for recycling into paper, packaging and residual waste -- both in our offices and for our events. These containers are emptied and put into the appropriate waste and recycling containers by our own cleaning staff. For used CDs we have a special waste container. In the rare cases that we have small amounts of dangerous waste, we ensure that this is safely and appropriately disposed of.


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