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Event ticket


Travelling by train is relaxing and climate-friendly. With the Deutsche Bahn event ticket, this is very easy and has the following advantages:

  • 100 % Green electricity in long-distance and local transport 
  • City ticket is included
  • Full cost control - uniform fixed price

In 2019, our event guests travelled around 200,000 person-kilometres with the event ticket. This results in savings of 29 tonnes of CO2 compared to a car or 45 tonnes of CO2 compared to a flight. The travel-related CO2 emissions of an event account for up to 80% of the total emissions of an event. Switching to rail is therefore particularly worthwhile for the climate. At the same time, the more guests travel by train, the lower the total emissions of an event.  We have been offering the event ticket since 2014.

Cheap travel with the event ticket

Event ticket one-way with train connection (while stocks last):
1st class 84,90 €
2nd class 51,90 €

Event one-way ticket fully flexible:
1st class 106,90 €
2nd class 72,90 €


on validity, city ticket, seat reservation and much more.


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