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Weihnachtsfeier im Hugo & Notte

Genießen Sie Ihre Weihnachtsfeier - ob mit Kollegen und Kolleginnen, mit der Familie oder im Freundeskreis in unserem Deutsch-Französischen Restaurant. Ab 34,50 EUR pro Person gestalten Sie aus verschiedenen Suppen, Vorspeisen, Hauptgerichten und Desserts Ihr individuelles Weihnachtsbuffet. Alle Infos unter "Weihnachtsfeier".



Be live from anywhere

Bundle price: 2450,- €

  • Two professional cameras incl. tally lights
  • Network cameras for e.g. fixed image settings, such as sign language interpreters, at the fixed hall microphone
  • Livestream (Full HD) e.g. on Vimeo, RTMP server or your social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • Belly bands for speakers
  • Chat function
  • HTML embedding code (to embed the Vimeo stream on websites)
  • Technician to direct the stream and set it up
  • The offer is valid for max. 4 hours stream, beyond 4 hours - 95,00 € hrs.

Add Ons

  • Camera operator for zooms and camera pans - €400.00
  • Additional main camera - on request
  • Info channel for moderation (notebook and tablet for questions from the chat) - 227,00 €
  • Integration of external guests (up to 5 at the same time) - 180,00 €
  • Video recording as mp4 on USB stick - 180,00 €
  • Simple video editing (cut out pauses, create chapters, etc.) - 65.00 € hrs.
Mitarbeitende vor Bildschirmen im Live Stream

The offer is valid until 31.03.2023.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Tally lights and intercom are included in the package.

Enquiries to: 030 52 68 021 - 200 | 


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