Declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code
Umweltforum with green meadow and trees



The German Sustainability Code (DNK) ensures that we become even more transparent when it comes to our sustainable actions. We are the first company in the venue industry in Germany to join the DNK and have been reporting regularly in accordance with the DNK's 20 criteria since 2015.

Kleine Pflanze steht auf Bartisch im Umweltforum

Transparent sustainability

The German Sustainability Code is an instrument that can be used voluntarily by companies to make their own sustainability performance transparent and comparable. It can be used by any company, regardless of sector or size. The sustainability report is reviewed and evaluated by independent third parties. The various criteria include strategy, process management, environmental issues, employee issues, society and corporate governance. For example, we report as follows on the performance indicator GRI SRS4051: Diversity: "The management team comprises a total of 9 people: 4 of them are women (44%), 5 of them are men (56%)."


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