Organic drinks | fair trade | since 2002
Orange juice bottles with glasses filled with it

Organic drinks


Drinks in organic quality since the first event in 2002


That's how long we have been serving our guests soft drinks in organic quality. We also pay attention to the highest standards for coffee and tea. We buy products from organic cultivation and fair trade. For example, we are certified according to Organic AHV Regulation (DE-ÖKO-039) for orange juice and apple juice from Voelkl, for beer from Lammsbräu and milk from Terra. Our mineral water (still) comes regionally from the Berlin area. Here we plan to treat tap water. We are particularly pleased about the long-standing, good cooperation with our partners for organic beverages. Many of them are also pioneers in the organic sector, such as the traditional companies Voelkel and the organic brewery Neumarkter Lammsbräu. A tip: Even the snacks during the coffee breaks are 100 % organic quality.


Various vegetables and fruit painted in bright colors.

Certified according to Organic AHV Regulation

The Organic Out-of-Home Catering Ordinance regulates the production, inspection and labeling of organic ingredients and organic products in communal catering facilities. As a catering business, we have had some of our product groups certified in accordance with this regulation. Compliance is regularly checked through audits. This means you can be sure that we only serve these product groups in organic quality. Find out more here.


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