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Cultural heritage


BESONDERE ORTE Umweltforum Berlin GmbH, a company of the Protestant Church, is committed to preserving cultural heritage, especially the church buildings that we use. With appreciation for their historical, cultural and spiritual significance, the company is committed to sensitive resource management, close cooperation with church communities, sustainable business practices and knowledge sharing. In addition, we foster exchange in local networks to reduce our impact on cultural heritage.

Policy statement on minimizing the impact on cultural heritage in the form of ecclesiastical and historic buildings

BESONDERE ORTE Umweltforum Berlin GmbH is a company of the Protestant Church. Its purpose is the preservation and further development of church buildings in order to ensure their long-term existence. Against this background, our company is very aware of the importance of church buildings as part of our cultural heritage.

We recognize the historical, cultural and spiritual significance of these places and are committed to actively contributing to their preservation.

1. appreciation of cultural heritage: We respect and appreciate the historical and cultural values associated with church buildings. Our company is committed to respecting and protecting these values in its business activities.

2. sensitive resource management: We are committed to the responsible use of resources to ensure that our services have the least possible impact on the structural integrity and preservation of the buildings we use.

3. cooperation with church communities: We strive to work closely with local communities to align their usage needs with ours.

4. sustainable business practices: We are committed to sustainable business practices that aim to minimize our environmental footprint.

5. sharing know-how: We share our knowledge and regularly advise parishes in Berlin and across Germany on sustainable ways of using their buildings.

This policy statement serves as a guideline for our commitment to minimizing our company's impact on church buildings as part of the cultural heritage. We are committed to continuous improvement and to integrating these principles into our corporate culture and practices.

Französischer Dom

Analysis and concept

In our analysis of the entrepreneurial impact on cultural heritage, we have recognized that the most significant effects lie in the use of the church and historic buildings for events and as tourist attractions, as well as in the cooperation with our church stakeholders. Medium impacts can be identified through our involvement in local networks.


What we have already achieved

Over the years, we have derived and implemented measures from the analysis and our concept.

Regular exchange with our church stakeholders
In our GTCs, we pay particular attention to how we deal with church premises.
For the French Cathedral, we have designed a low-threshold knowledge offering on the history of the building in the form of an audio guide. We also cooperate with the Huguenot Museum at this location.
For many years, we have been advising parishes and other institutions in Berlin and throughout Germany on the sustainable use of ecclesiastical and historical buildings.
We are a committed member of the local Friedrichshain-Kreuzberger Unternehmerverein (FKU) network
We are developing further measures as part of our EMAS process.


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