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The team at the Berlin company run

Health and Fitness

Männer und Frauen beim Crosstraining in einer urbanen Halle

Urban Sports Club

You like it especially sporty or love the variety of different sports? Then the Urban Sports Club is just right for you. We sponsor your membership, so with a monthly fee of EUR 29.90 you have a huge selection of sports courses - indoor and outdoor, on site and online.

Mitarbeiter bei Sportübungen im Saal des Umweltforums

Moving break

30 minutes for strengthening, stretching and flexibility: that's our moving break. Our coach Christoph brings a varied program for us every week, adjusted to our individual wishes to promote our health and fitness as far as possible.

Besondere Orte Laufteam vor Brandenburger Tor

Berlin company run

For many years the motto in June has been: Team is running. In order to get even more enthusiastic runners to the finish line this year, we spontaneously started the BO running group. We train once a week under expert guidance.

Stadtradeln mit dem Besondere Orte Team

City cycling

Cycling for the climate is exactly our thing. That's why we take on the challenge every year and cycle as a team to compete. Who will cycle the most kilometres and who will save the most CO2? All participants have the chance to win a prize.

This is how the team cycles in 2023

Many thanks to all who pedal for the climate!


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