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Job Bike


We love cycling

In fact, we have several passionate cyclists in our team. There are good parking facilities for your bike in front of the locations and soon the first bike repair station at the Umwelforum. With the job bike, we'll get you on your bike, too.

Silbernes Fahrrad vor Eingangstür Umweltforum

Are you already a passionate cyclist or you want to become one? We support you with JobRad so that you can benefit from all the advantages of cycling. Cycling is good for you and your health. You are less ill and the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases. When you cycle, your body produces endorphins and serotonins - these happiness hormones put you in a good mood. And last but not least, you save on fuel costs and thus protect the climate.

We get you on the bike

With JobRad, you get the bike you want through us as your employer and save money thanks to tax benefits. In addition, we contribute EUR 5,- per month to your monthly leasing rate. You can use the JobRad for your commute to work, but also for private use at any time. More information in the video.


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