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We have been a Sustainable Meeting Partner since 2018. We were the first Berlin company to pass the demanding audit with the highest "Leader" award. Since then, our sustainability performance has been regularly evaluated according to over 60 criteria in the four topic areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Economy, Environment and Society. In the last audit, we achieved a sustainability performance of 94%!

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For sustainable events

Sustainable Meetings Berlin is more than a management system that serves as a roadmap for partners on the path to sustainable business. 
Would you like to get to know Sustainable Meetings Berlin? Then use Sustainable Meetings Berlin as an online platform, find tools and checklists for the sustainable implementation of your venue. And get to know many other Sustainable Partners such as conference hotels, agencies, catering and technical service providers. 

Green scale with 95% next to green G-R-C symbol

Governance, Risk & Compliance

These three keywords are abbreviated as GRC. Governance refers to corporate management, risk refers to risk management, and compliance refers to adherence to rules and laws.

In this area we have achieved 95% and thus all possible points. We regularly analyze our strengths and weaknesses, have a risk management system and report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code. The high score demonstrates that we have the capabilities to deal with imponderables, act with integrity, and reliably achieve our goals with the help of a risk-conscious culture.

Green scale with 98% next to green society symbol

Social sustainability

We scored 98% in the area of social sustainability. Social sustainability focuses on people, and we relate this primarily to the employees in the company. Here we score points with our strong employer brand, good HR concept, regular employee reviews and work-life balance offers such as remote work and sabbatical.
More about our benefits and values:

Green scale with 93% next to green symbol

Environmental sustainability

We scored 93% in the area of environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability calls for protecting the environment, including natural resources. We excel in sourcing energy from renewable sources and in mobility and travel management. The implementation of our environmental management system EMAS and the compensation of our CO2 emissions also guarantee the very good rating.

Green scale with 88% next to green cogwheel symbol

Economic sustainability

We scored 88% for our economic sustainability.
Economic sustainability calls for sustainable business practices. As a sustainable company, we also generate profits that we put into maintaining our BESONDERE ORTE, for example. Our goal is to operate in a way that does not harm future generations.
That is why we design our products and services sustainably and we implement our sustainable procurement guidelines.


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