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Branding opportunities

Branding opportunities in the Umweltforum

Make our location yours

Branding opportunities Umweltforum hall

Lectern sign in the Umweltforum

Lectern sign

30 EUR
excl. VAT

✓ Matching the lectern in the hall

✓ W 79.5 cm x H 85 cm (incl. 2 cm format allowance each left and right)

✓ Material: paper 120 g - 160 g / m2 or

✓ PVC, 3 mm thick

✓ Price PVC: 120,00 € plus VAT.

Stage back wall hall behind chairs

Stage back wall hall

1,300 EUR
excl. VAT

✓ Individual design of the stage back wall

✓ in different sizes

✓ W 600 cm x H 350 cm

✓ W 600 cm x H 200 cm

✓ W 200 cm x H 350 cm

✓ Material: NeroTexx B1 270g/ m² 

✓ Price incl. assembly/disassembly, delivery

Further Branding opportunities inside the Umweltforum

Display in front of entrance

A1 display stand

✓ Your A1 poster at the entrance of the location

✓ Material: paper

✓ Dimension: A1 vertical format

Signage at a seminar roon

Seminar room signage A4

✓ For workshop/seminar signage

✓ Material: paper 

✓ Dimension: A4 landscape

Sign i9n the Elevator

Elevator sign A3

✓ For elevator signage

✓ Material: paper

✓ Dimension: A3 landscape

Branding opportunities outside the Umweltforum

Flags in Front of the Umweltforum

Flag with pole

270 EUR
excl. VAT

✓ Your flag in front of the entrance to the location

✓ Format: W 150 cm x H 450 cm  

✓ Material: Flag Cloth  

✓ Processing: hemmed all around, reinforced on the mast side, ready to hoist, jib and hemstitch on the upper edge  

✓ Price incl. assembly / disassembly, delivery


Banner balcony

190 EUR
excl. VAT

✓ Your banner above the entrance to the location

✓ Format: W 450 cm x H 95 cm

✓ Material: Frontlit

✓ Processing: multiple eyelets on all sides

✓ Price incl. assembly/disassembly, delivery



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