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Bee collects nectar



The importance of biodiversity loss as a second environmental crisis is often overlooked while climate change takes center stage. However, the issue is increasingly coming to the fore. In the World Economic Forum's report, it ranks third among the most serious global risks, after the failure of climate protection measures and extreme weather events. Biodiversity is crucial for food, medicine and quality of life. Increased commitment is therefore required, including from companies. We have begun to analyze the impact of our business on biodiversity, identify areas for action and develop measures. We are committed to anchoring the protection of biodiversity as an integral part of our corporate strategy.

What we have already achieved

Wooded area
SDG 11: Sustainable Citys
SDG 13: Klimate protection

Wooded area

in front of the Umweltforum

  • for bees and other insects
  • for birds as a nesting place
  • beautiful to look at
  • with a high quality of stay
Beekeeper holding a honeycomb into the sunset.
SDG 11: Sustainable Citys

Honey from the roof

The roof of the Umweltforum not only has a photovoltaic system and is greened: it is home to several bee colonies.

Keimlinge auf einem Feld

Analysis and concept

In our analysis of the company's impact on biodiversity, we recognized that the most significant effects occur in the upstream value chain, particularly through the extraction of raw materials and pre-production. Our administrative activities, including office buildings, purchasing, vehicle fleet and logistics for the provision of our services, have a medium impact.

The inside-out analysis based on the core indicators for biodiversity has shown that our strongest impact is in the area of procurement. This relates to the three indicators

  • Overfishing or damage to marine ecosystems,
  • agricultural overuse of land and
  • promotion of low genetic diversity of crops and livestock.
Mann pflanzt jungen Baum

What else we want to achieve

We have derived further measures from the analysis and our concept.
These are measures to review and adapt our purchasing behavior. We are examining the following measures:

  • Increased sourcing of ecologically safe fish
  • an increased selection of organically grown products and
  • the increased use of old varieties.


We also see an opportunity to have a positive impact on biodiversity in the immediate vicinity of the Environmental Forum. We are also examining these measures:

  • Planting a tiny forest in the public open space in front of the Environmental Forum
  • Campaign to reduce the invasive species "annual weed" in the neighboring cemetery areas



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