Lemonade on wooden table




Mineral water

Juice or juice spritzer


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Red wine

White wine

Sparkling wine


Beverage flat rate


soft beverages

4,90 EUR per guest/hour

hot & soft beverages

5,90 EUR per guest/hour

alcoholic beverages

6,90 EUR per guest/hour

soft & alcoholic beverages

7,90 EUR per guest/hour

hot & softs & alcoholic beverages

8,90 EUR per guest/hour

Good to know:

We are certified according to the EU Organic Regulation (DE-ÖKO-039) for drinks labelled with the organic logo.

Additives included
1) with preservative, 2) with dye, 3) with antioxidant, 4) with sweetener, 5) with phosphate, 6) sulphurated, 7) quinine, 8) caffeinated, 9) with flavor enhancer, 10) blackened, 11) waxed, 12) mit Nitritpökelsalz
Contained allergens
A) Nuts (nuts), B) Mustard and mustard products, C) Sesame seeds, D) Sulfur dioxide and sulfites, E) Eggs and egg products, F) Fish and fish products, G) Contains gluten, H) Celery and celery products, K) Crustaceans, L) Milk and milk products (lactose), N) Peanuts and peanut products, P) Lupines, S) Soy and soy products, W) Molluscs (snails, mussels, squid, oysters)


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